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Mel has begun to change his stance on Trump. While he still hates Trump supporters, he did say that Trump conducts himself as if he were 5 to 6 inches taller than he actually is. That is how you know Mel likes someone, if he says they act or seem taller than they are. I think what Mel has begun to respect about Trump is that he never ever lets the truth have any real influence in what he says or does. Someone will show a video clip of Trump saying something (probably offensive, sexist, or crazy) and he will simply deny that he ever said anything of the sort. Not only will he deny that he said it, but he will deny it so emphatically that you begin to believe that maybe he didn’t say it after all.

At first Mel just enjoyed laughing at all the crazy things that Trump said. We watched the first debate together and did a lot of laughing at both Hillary and Trump. But when we watched the second debate I kept hearing Mel muttering, “Brilliant” every time Trump answered a question with a statement that had nothing to do with the question. Mel might actually be on to something. When has a presidential candidate ever gotten this far into the election without actually answering a single question? Or if he has answered a question, changed that answer multiple times. It is actually rather impressive and Mel has been a quick study.

I overheard a conversation Mel was having with his father this morning. (Mel isn’t particularly fond of his father. He is kind of short and pretty easily manipulated. Mel is terrified that he might end up below average height and blames his father for that possibility. Mel also really likes manipulating people but if it is too easy, he then despises you for being so easily manipulated. He said that it’s respectful to put up a challenge and finds it insulting when one doesn’t.) Anyway, Mel had taken all of his father’s socks and had sewn lace on the top of all of them. His father wasn’t pleased but also had no actual proof that it was Mel who had done the sock decorating. There was always a chance that it had been Mel’s drunk mother, but whenever she sews while drunk there is blood and there was no blood, so the odds were it had been Mel.

Mel’s dad said, “Son, why did you ruin all my socks by sewing lace on them?”

Mel responded by saying, “I would never ever say that lace ruined anything. THAT would be offensive to all sorts of fabric and would do untold damage to a wide variety of clothes. What I will say is that if they had been my socks, I would have never allowed them to be penetrated by a needle.”

His father asked him again, “Mel, did you do this to my socks?”

Mel smiled and said, “I’ll tell you what I did do. I was born of woman and sadly have no reason to believe that it wasn’t of your seed. I’ll also tell you that no one respects lace more than I do, no one!”

Then Mel just simply started yelling “WRONG” anytime his father tried to talk, his father grew frustrated and dropped the whole matter altogether. When his dad left the room I saw Mel smile and say, “Trump you brilliant bastard. The world doesn’t understand you.”

If Trump is elected president, he will only be with us for four years but I’m afraid his influence on Mel will last much longer than his term in office.

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